Submissions from 1998

Global Education in the Middle School Curriculum: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, Bárbara C. Cruz

José Clemente Orozco: Mexican Painter, Bárbara C. Cruz

Putting a Human Face on Natural Disasters: Using the 1985 Mexico City Earthquake as a Case Study, Bárbara C. Cruz

Raúl Juliá: Actor and Humanitarian, Bárbara C. Cruz

Incorporating Women's Voices into the Middle and Senior High School History Curriculum, Bárbara C. Cruz and Jennifer L. Groendal-Cobb

Toward a Gender-Balanced Curriculum: Infusing Women's Studies into American History, Bárbara C. Cruz and J. L. Groendal-Cobb

Team Teaching in Teacher Education: Intra-College Partnerships, Bárbara C. Cruz and Nina Zaragoza


Implementing and Assessing the Power of Conversation in the Teaching of Action Research, Allan Feldman


Looking at Ourselves Look at Ourselves: An Action Research Self-Study of Doctoral Students' Roles in Teacher Education Programs, Allan Feldman, Marsha Alibrandi, Elizabeth Capifali, Deborah Floyd, John Gabriel, Frances Hitchens, Margaret Mera, Barbara Henriques, and James Lucey


Grading With Points: The Determination of Report Card Grades by High School Science Teachers, Allan Feldman, Aaron Kropf, and Marsha Alibrandi

Letters from the Heart: Preservice Teachers’ Journal Exchanges in Two Different Early Field Programs, Janet Richards


The Analytic Reading Teacher, Janet Richards


Turning to the Artistic: Developing an Enlightened Eye by Creating Teaching Self-portraits, Janet Richards

Writing and Sharing Teaching Cases: Self-study with a Critical Friend, Janet Richards and M. Barksdale-Ladd


Turning to the Artistic: Developing an Enlightened Eye by Creating Teaching Self-portraits, Janet C. Richards

Developing Young Students’ Awareness of Story Themes in Literature-based Reading Programs, Janet Richards and J. P. Gipe

Submissions from 1992


Reflective Thinking and Growth in Novices' Teaching Abilities, Joan P. Gipe and Janet Richards


Activating Background Knowledge: Strategies for Beginning and Poor Readers, Janet Richards and Joan P. Gipe

Submissions from 1989


A Comparison of Two Types of Early Field Experiences, Joan P. Gipe, C. Duffy, and Janet Richards

Submissions from 1987


Teachers' Beliefs about Good Reading Instruction, Janet Richards, Joan G. Pipe, and Bruce Thompson

Submissions from 1984


Using Space Shuttle Data in the Classroom, Allan Feldman

Submissions from 1981


A Model of the Savery Steam Engine, Allan Feldman