USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications

USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications


This community contains peer-reviewed and other scholarly and professional materials created by faculty of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus. If you would like to start a personal collection for your work, please contact

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Submissions from 1993

The relationship between teacher job satisfaction and principal leadership style., H. William Heller, Rex J. Clay, and C. Perkins


Class and place in the New World Order: International labor solidarity., Rebecca A. Johns-Krishnaswami

Oscillation of Ergon and Parergon–Dynamic Framing Devices and Their Relations in John Ashbery’s Poetry., Barbara Malinowska Jolley

The Impossible Games They Play: Language and Reality ( ies) in the Postabsurdist Theatre of Maria Irene Fornés and Tom Stoppard., Barbara Malinowska Jolley

Animal modeling in psychopharmacological contexts., Hugh LaFollette and Niall Shanks

Animal models in biomedical research: Some epistemological worries., Hugh LaFollette and Niall Shanks


Belief and the basis of humor., Hugh LaFollette and Niall Shanks


The intact systems argument: Problems with the standard defense of animal experimentation., Hugh LaFollette and Niall Shanks


Porter’s generic strategies, discontinuous environments, and performance: A longitudinal study of changing strategies in the hospital industry., Bruce T. Lamont, Dan Marlin, and James J. Hoffman


The transmitter-persistence effect: A confounded discovery?, G. Daniel Lassiter, Mark V. Pezzo, and Kevin J. Apple

Treatment of childhood sleep disorders: Generalization across disorders and effects on family members., Jodi A. Mindell and V. Mark Durand


Celebrating and Preserving Our History : Pinellas County's Heritage Village, James Anthony Schnur


Pinellas Past, Present, and Future [1992-2012], James Anthony Schnur

Ethics Resource Guide, David Shedden


Culture and the image of age., Jay Sokolovsky


An examination of classic articles in the education of persons with severe disabilities., Fred Spooner, Brian E. Enright, Kay Hanley, and H. William Heller


Writing for publication in practitioner oriented journals: Suggestions for early career researchers and teachers., Fred Spooner and H. William Heller


Review of Inpatient behavior therapy for children and adolescents., Susan Sprich-Buckminster and V. Mark Durand

The fossil diatoms of Lake Yambo, Ecuador: A possible record of El Niño events., Miriam Steinitz-Kannan, Mark A. Nienaber, Melanie A. Riedinger-Whitmore, and Ramamurthi Kannan

Using site visits to explore the middle level concept: What should I ask?, R. Stone and Martin Tadlock

Prevalence of bulimic behaviors and bulimia among a sample of the general population., George J. Warheit, Lilly M. Langer, Rick S. Zimmerman, and Frank A. Biafora

Recruiting & retaining Asian American Leaders., Julie M. Wong

Submissions from 1992


Women's words: A review symposium., Susan Armitage, Gary Lipsitz, and Gary R. Mormino

The adolescent pragmatics screening scale: A comparison of language-impaired students, bilingual/Hispanic students, and regular education students., Alejandro E. Brice

The adolescent pragmatics screening scale: Rationale and development., Alejandro E. Brice


Labor subsidies and just-cause employment laws in an efficiency wage model., Thomas J. Carter


Technological progress and wages in international trade., Thomas J. Carter


So neatly plotted, and so well perform'd: Villain as Playwright in Marlowe's Jew of Malta, Sara Munson Deats and Lisa S. Starks

New directions in educational programming for students with autism., V. Mark Durand


An analysis of maintenance following functional communication training., V. Mark Durand and Edward G. Carr

The Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS) administration guide., V. Mark Durand and Daniel B. Crimmins

Committed journalism, An ethic for the profession (book review)., Deni Elliott

Defining and analyzing journalistic deception., Deni Elliott and Charles Culver

Classics in the field of behavior disorders., Brian E. Enright, Richard B. White, Kay F. Haney, H. William Heller, and Fred Spooner

A rationale for departmentalization of special education., H. William Heller

Factors related to teacher job satisfaction and dissatisfaction., H. William Heller, Rex J. Clay, and C. Perkins


Helping general educators accommodate students with disabilities., H. William Heller, Melba Spooner, Fred Spooner, and Bob Algozzine

Meeting the needs of students with handicaps: Helping regular teachers meet the challenge., H. William Heller, Melba Spooner, Fred Spooner, Bob Algozzine, Alice Harrison, and Brian E. Enright


Covert antisocial behavior in boys with attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorder: External validation and effects of methylphenidate., Stephen P. Hinshaw, Tracy Heller, and James P. McHale

Gunshot residue analysis by SEM/EDS., Max M. Houck

Logical conclusions from pattern analysis: Matches, non-matches and exclusions., Max M. Houck

Microscopy in forensic science., Max M. Houck

Beyond the absurd: Language games in the theatre of Maria Irene Fornés, Samuel Beckett, and Eugène Ionesco., Barbara Malinowska Jolley


Review of Reading The Waste Land: Modernism and the Limits of Interpretation, by Jewel Spears Brooker and Joseph Bentley., Barbara Malinowska Jolley


How prepared are our teachers for mainstreamed classroom settings?: A survey of postsecondary schools of education in New York State., Christopher A. Kearney and V. Mark Durand

Planning and budgeting concepts., Grover S. Kearns

The comparison of preferences and attitudes toward mathematics between middle grade children and their teachers., W. Steve Lang, Robert A. Martin, Dorothy L. Moore, and James F. Strickland

Effects of word-related variables on vocabulary growth through repeated read-aloud events., Cynthia B. Leung

COCA: A shell for intelligent tutoring systems., Nigel Major and Han Reichgelt


The market effects of acquisition-related foreign direct investments in the U.S., Ike Mathur, Nanda K. Rangan, Indudeep Chhachhi, and Sridhar Sundaram

Make-believe media: The politics of entertainment (book review)., J.A. Nelson and Deni Elliott

ProtoKEW: A knowledge acquisition., Han Reichgelt and Nigel Shadbolt


Attitudes toward Southeast Asian immigrants in a Wisconsin community., William Ruefle, William Ross, and Diane Mandell


Colonial Footprints in Peninsular Florida, James Anthony Schnur

Preserving a Newspaper’s Past: A Guide to Developing a Newspaper Oral History Program, David Shedden


Selecting Children's Literature for and about Students with Learning Differences: Guidelines, Brenda Smith Myles, Christine K. Ormsbee, Joyce Anderson Downing, Brenda L. Townsend Walker, and Floyd G. Hudson

Maturitas gerontology? Challenges of a multidisciplinary cross-cultural discipline., Jay Sokolovsky

The fossil diatoms of Lake Yambo, Ecuador: a 2500 year record of intense El Niño events., Miriam Steinitz-Kannan, Mark A. Nienaber, and Melanie A. Riedinger-Whitmore


The market valuation effects of the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989., Sridhar Sundaram, Nanda K. Rangan, and Wallace N. Davidson III

Through the eyes of a substitute teacher., Martin Tadlock and C. Standorf

Feeding frenzy: How attack journalism has transformed American politics/Scandal: the culture of mistrust in American politics (book review)., S. Weinberg and Deni Elliott

EXPLAIN: Experiments in planning and instruction., D. Wood, Nigel Shadbolt, Han Reichgelt, and H. Wood

Submissions from 1991

Crucible of liberty: 200 years of the Bill of Rights., Raymond O. Arsenault


Paleolimnology of Qilu Hu, Yunnan Province, China., Mark Brenner, Kathleen Dorsey, Song Xueliang, Wang Zuguan, Long Ruihua, Michael W. Binford, and Thomas J. Whitmore

Amazon without refugia: vegetation and climate of the Amazon basin through a glacial cycle, Paul A. Colinvaux, Mark B. Bush, K. B. Liu, Paulo E. De Oliveira, Miriam Steinitz-Kannan, Melanie A. Riedinger-Whitmore, and Michael C. Miller

The status of middle level education in Wisconsin., D. Cramer, Martin Tadlock, T. LoGuidice, I. Morris, R. Stone, and L. McDonough

Systems design for users., Christopher Davis and J.R. G. Wood

Integrating classical and reactive planning within an architecture for autonomous agents., Joseph Downs and Han Reichgelt

Review of Perspectives on the use of nonaversive and aversive interventions for persons with developmental disabilities., V. Mark Durand

Treating behavior problems with communication., V. Mark Durand and Denise Berotti


Functional communication training to reduce challenging behavior: Maintenance and application in new settings., V. Mark Durand and Edward G. Carr

Teaching functionally equivalent responses as an intervention for challenging behavior., V. Mark Durand and Daniel B. Crimmins


A case of need: Media coverage of organ transplants., Deni Elliott

A foundation for informed decision making, the FineLine legacy, Deni Elliott

A medical condition media-generated money can't cure: Maybe what seems so right is wrong., Deni Elliott

Building barriers: The case against financial involvement., Deni Elliott

Cases and moral systems., Deni Elliott

Deception and imagery, Deni Elliott

Fairness: A casualty of the anti-drug crusade., Deni Elliott

How now, sacred cow? United Way's favored treatment by media., Deni Elliott


Moral development theories in the teaching of ethics., Deni Elliott


On deceiving one's source., Deni Elliott

Outing: When the Media do it to you., Deni Elliott


Plagiarism: It's not a black-and-white issue., Deni Elliott

Rallying 'round the flag: The press as U.S. propagandists., Deni Elliott

The Doctor has AIDS., Deni Elliott

Thou shalt not trick thy source., Deni Elliott


What Counts as deception in higher education development., Deni Elliott

When advocacy is ok: Access is an acceptable journalist's cause., Deni Elliott

When what's public should remain private., Deni Elliott

Classic articles: A reflection into the field of mental retardation., H. William Heller, Fred Spooner, Brian E. Enright, Kay F. Haney, and Jeffrey A. Schilit

Nonaversive interventions for severe behavior problems., E. Helmstetter and V. Mark Durand

Stimulant medication and the social interactions of hyperactive children: Effects and implications., Stephen P. Hinshaw and James P. McHale

Cases and commentaries: Confidentiality and promise keeping., Lou Hodges, J. Spencer Kinard, Deni Elliott, and Forrest Landon


Personal relationships, Hugh LaFollette

The truth in ethical relativism., Hugh LaFollette

Object manipulation during infancy: Developmental and contextual determinants., J. Lockman and James P. McHale

Using COCA to build an intelligent tutoring system in simple algebra., Nigel Major and Han Reichgelt


Calvary Church : A Defense of Community Amid the Onslaught of Urbanization., David Lee McMullen

Knowledge Representation: An AI perspective., Han Reichgelt