USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications

USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications


This community contains peer-reviewed and other scholarly and professional materials created by faculty of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg campus. If you would like to start a personal collection for your work, please contact

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Submissions from 1982


A behavioral/pharmacological intervention for the treatment of severe self injurious behavior., V. Mark Durand

Analysis and intervention of self injurious behavior., V. Mark Durand

State intervention and childhood multiple personality disorder., Deni Elliott

The Oliver Sipple story: The questions it raises for the press., Deni Elliott and M. Linsky

Deepwater sediments and trophic conditions in Florida lakes., M. S. Flannery, R. D. Snodgrass, and Thomas J. Whitmore

Reduced, oxidized, and protein-bound glutathione concentrations in normal and cataractous lenses in the dog., Kirk N. Gelatt, Michael Bruss, S. M. Decostanza, Norine E. Noonan, Noveen D. Das, and Edward D. Wolf


Moral kinds and natural kinds., George Graham and Hugh LaFollette

Professional standards for preparing special educators., H. William Heller


Reply to Frisch., Hugh LaFollette


Review of the book The child and the state: A normative theory of juvenile rights., Hugh LaFollette

Review of the book The politics of self-sufficiency., Hugh LaFollette


Tampa and the new urban south: The weight strike of 1899., Gary R. Mormino

Tampa's splendid little war: A photo essay., Gary R. Mormino


"We worked hard and took care of our own:" Oral history and Italians in Tampa., Gary R. Mormino

Financing real estate limited partnerships., Carl J. Pacini

The New Urban America: Growth and Politics in Sunbelt Cities, Darryl Paulson

The resolution of city-county taxation inequities-the double taxation experience in Florida, Darryl Paulson and Platon N. Rigos

Mental models and discourse., Han Reichgelt

Effect of fibronectin on the adhesion of an established cell-line to a surface reactive biomaterial., T. L. Seitz, Kenneth D. Noonan, Larry L. Hench, and Norine E. Noonan

Aging and the Aged in the Third World: Part I,, Jay Sokolovsky

Perspectives on aging in the Third World., Jay Sokolovsky

Self-help in an Aztec village in modern Mexico., Jay Sokolovsky

Teaching the anthropology of aging and the aged: A curriculum guide and topical bibliography., Jay Sokolovsky

The anthropology of aging and the aged., Jay Sokolovsky

Estudios limnologicos en la Laguna de San Marcos con descripciones de las especies principales de diatomeas., Miriam Steinitz-Kannan, Mark A. Nienaber, Melanie A. Riedinger-Whitmore, L. Harrel, and Michael C. Miller

Submissions from 1979

Charles Jacobson of Arkansas: A Jewish politician in the land of the razorbacks, 1891-1915., Raymond O. Arsenault


Clinical use of network analysis for psychiatric and aged populations., Carl Cohen and Jay Sokolovsky

Health seeking behavior and social networks of the aged living in single room occupancy hotels., Carl Cohen and Jay Sokolovsky

A suggested approach for the establishment of realistic goals of achievement for the educable mentally retarded., H. William Heller

Project RETOOL: Continuing education for teacher educators in special education., H. William Heller


Categorical vs. non- categorical teacher training: Group summary., H. William Heller, Kathleen McCoy, and Beth McEntire


Financing of personnel preparation programs in special education: Group Summary., H. William Heller, Kathleen McCoy, and Beth McEntire


Career education for the handicapped: Directions for the future., H. William Heller and Jeffrey A. Schilit

Project RETOOL: Career education for the handicapped., H. William Heller and Jeffrey A. Schilit

Use of plasma arginase and gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase as specific indicators of heptocellular or hepatobiliary disease in the dog., Norine E. Noonan and David J. Meyer


New animal-model with hyper-bilitrubinemia: The indigo snake., Norine E. Noonan, Gerald A. Olsen, and Charles E. Cornelius


An Empty Victory: The St. Petersburg Sanitation Strike, 1968, Darryl Paulson and Janet Stiff

Culture, ethnicity, and policy for the aged., James E. Trela and Jay Sokolovsky

Submissions from 1977

World hunger and moral obligation., William Aiken and Hugh LaFollette

The Wyatt standards: An administrative viewpoint., H. William Heller


Effect of TLCK on transcription and its role in modifying cell-growth., Norine E. Noonan and Kenneth D. Noonan

Mitotic indices of megakaryocytes of mice after acute thrombocytopenia., T. T. Odell and Deborah Boran Henry


Submissions from 1976

Traditional teaching and learning modules: A comparative study., H. William Heller and Mary Dale

Minority Rights and Reverse Discrimination, Darryl Paulson and Steven F. Lawson

Submissions from 1975

The changing definitions of halfway houses., Carl Cohen, Dirk Berger, Josephine Geiger, and Jay Sokolovsky


Rural special education: A dilemma., H. William Heller

The Black mayor in America: attitudes toward community conflict and race relations, Darryl Paulson

Submissions from 1973


ROTE: Reality Oriented Teacher Education., H. William Heller