USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications

USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications


This community contains peer-reviewed and other scholarly and professional materials created by faculty of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. If you would like to start a personal collection for your work, please contact digcol at

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Submissions from 1988


Florida slave narratives., Gary R. Mormino

The place of defaults in a reasoning system., Han Reichgelt


An Assessment of Rare Books in the John C. Briggs Collection, USF St. Petersburg, James Anthony Schnur and Anthony M. Smith

Submissions from 1987


Ecosystems, paleoecology and human disturbance in subtropical and tropical America., Michael W. Binford, Mark Brenner, Thomas J. Whitmore, Antonia Higuera-Gundy, Edward S. Deevey, and Barbara W. Leyden

See me, help me., Edward G. Carr and V. Mark Durand

Monopolistic competition and international trade in a three factor economy., Thomas J. Carter


"Look homeward angel:" A call to return to our (functional) roots., V. Mark Durand


Social influences on "self-stimulatory" behavior: Analysis and treatment application., V. Mark Durand and Edward G. Carr


Assessment and treatment of psychotic speech in an autistic child., V. Mark Durand and Daniel B. Crimmins

Reducing severe behavior problems among persons with dual sensory impairments: An evaluation of a technical assistance model., V. Mark Durand and Gloria Kishi

Creating the conditions for ethical journalism., Deni Elliott

Editors learn the hard way on campuses., Deni Elliott

Family ties: Media coverage of victims' families during the TWA hostage-taking., Deni Elliott

Mass media ethics., Deni Elliott

The regular education initiative: A concerned response., H. William Heller and Jeffrey A. Schilit

Histological analysis of bone: 20WA176., Max M. Houck

The community resources training program: A collaborative program between the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Goodwill Industries of the Southern Piedmont., Patricia K. Keul, Fred Spooner, T. Grossi, and H. William Heller


Who is Sarah?: A critique of the French Lieutenant’s Woman’s feminism., Magali C. Michael


Faculty evaluation as viewed by special education teacher educators., Aquilla Mims and H. William Heller

A review of McDermott's 'Critique of Pure Reason.’, Han Reichgelt

Homelessness, housing and the urban aged., Jay Sokolovsky

Las diatomeas del Ecuador: II. Diatomeas de la laguna de Limoncocha, Provincia de Napo., Miriam Steinitz-Kannan, Melanie A. Riedinger-Whitmore, and Michael C. Miller


Tree species enumeration of 0.5 hectare on Halmahera., T. J. Whitmore, K. Sidiyasa, and Thomas J. Whitmore

Submissions from 1986


Sedimentary records of accelerated nutrient loading in Florida lakes., Edward S. Deevey, Michael W. Binford, Mark B. Thomas, and Thomas J. Whitmore

Review of Strategies for educating students with severe handicaps., V. Mark Durand

Self injurious behavior as intentional communication., V. Mark Durand

A conceptual analysis of ethics codes., Deni Elliott

Foundation of news media responsibility., Deni Elliott

Responsible journalism., Deni Elliott

Exam bank., Kathleen Gibson-Dee

Re-establishing a relationship., Hugh LaFollette

Review of the book Aristotle's theory of moral insight., Hugh LaFollette


Review of the book Bringing up a moral child., Hugh LaFollette

Review of the book The status of morality., Hugh LaFollette


Honesty and intimacy., Hugh LaFollette and George Graham


Groveland: Florida's little Scottsboro, Steven F. Lawson, David R. Colburn, and Darryl Paulson

Minority Vote Dilution, Darryl Paulson


An information seeking disposition in child surgery patients: Some preliminary evidence., Lizette Peterson and Susan M. Toler


Ozone in the boundary layer of the equatorial Pacific Ocean., Stephen R. Piotrowicz, Deborah Boran Henry, and Charles J. Fischer

Network methodologies in the study of aging., Jay Sokolovsky

Submissions from 1985


Reducing behavior problems through functional communication training., Edward G. Carr and V. Mark Durand

The social communicative basis of severe behavior problems in children., Edward G. Carr and V. Mark Durand


Employee absenteeism: A selective review of antecedents and consequences., V. Mark Durand


Hard nosed research and soft nosed life: A reply to Faltin and Dickinson., V. Mark Durand


Review of Behavioral assessment of severe developmental disabilities., V. Mark Durand

Self injurious behavior: Motivating conditions and guidelines for treatment., V. Mark Durand and Edward G. Carr

Distinguishing ethics from law., Deni Elliott

Education: Avoiding indoctrination through ethics instruction., Deni Elliott

Ends vs. means: Comparing two cases of deceptive practices., Deni Elliott

Is journalism a profession? Yes, and no strings attached., Deni Elliott

The consequences of deception: Unwarranted use can damage public trust in journalists., Deni Elliott

The geochemistry of humic substance in seawater., George R. Harvey and Deborah Boran Henry


Review of the book Moral issues., Hugh LaFollette

“The firing of guns and crackers continued till light": A diary of the Billy Bowlegs war., Gary R. Mormino

Commercial Developers in Credit Considerations, Carl J. Pacini

Desegregating Public Schools in Manatee and Pinellas Counties, Darryl Paulson and Milly St. Julien


Ethnicity, culture and aging: Do differences really make a difference?, Jay Sokolovsky

Submissions from 1984


The cooling of the South., Raymond O. Arsenault


The end of the long hot summer: The air conditioner and southern culture., Raymond O. Arsenault

Isolation and characterization of the crystallins of the normal and cataractous canine lens., William J. Daniel, Norine E. Noonan, and Kirk N. Gelatt

Teaching reasoning., Deni Elliott

Toward the development of a model for journalism ethics instruction (media)., Deni Elliott

Synthesis of marine humic substances from unsaturated lipids., George R. Harvey, Deborah Boran Henry, Stephen R. Piotrowicz, and Clifford P. Weisel

100 years St. Petersburg Times, July 25, 1884 to July 25, 1984: the Times and its times., Robert W. Hooker

Ex Oriente Lux - Eliot's Imagery in his Major Works in the Light of Hindu Philosophy., Barbara Malinowska Jolley

The Booker T. Washington Papers, Darryl Paulson

Back to basics: Minimum competency testing and its impact on minorities, Darryl Paulson and Doris Ball


Desegregating the University of Florida Law School: Virgil Hawkins v. The Florida Board of Control, Darryl Paulson and Paul Hawkes

Self-regulated pre-surgical preparation for children., Lizette Peterson and Susan M. Toler


Cadmium, copper and zinc interactions with marine humus as a function of ligand structure., Stephen R. Piotrowicz, George R. Harvey, Deborah Boran Henry, Clifford P. Weisel, and M. Springer-Young

Criteria for choosing representation languages and control regimes for expert systems., Han Reichgelt and Frank van Harmelen


A consumer's report to special education doctoral programs., Terry L. Rose, Douglas Cullinan, and H. William Heller

100 Years of Editorials, David Shedden


The relationship between pre-operative information and coping styles in children undergoing surgery., Susan M. Toler

Submissions from 1983

Toward a concept of homelessness among aged men., Carl Cohen and Jay Sokolovsky


Behavioral ecology of a staff incentive program: Effects on absenteeism and resident disruptive behavior., V. Mark Durand

Beyond the law: Law and ethics in high school journalism., Deni Elliott

Beyond the law: Part II., Deni Elliott

Beyond the law: Part III., Deni Elliott


Student press rights and tort liability: A conflict of law., Deni Elliott


The structure of marine fulvic and humic acids., George R. Harvey, Deborah Boran Henry, Larry A. Chesal, and John M. Tokar

Code of ethics and standards for professional practice., H. William Heller

Mainstreaming learning and behavior problem adolescents., H. William Heller

Special education professional standards: Need, value, and use., H. William Heller

Professional standards: Foundations for the future., H. William Heller and Nancy Ridenhour

Applied philosophy misapplied., Hugh LaFollette


Review of the book Rights., Hugh LaFollette


Studies of cadmium, copper and zinc interactions by marine fulvic and humic materials in seawater using anodic stripping voltammetry., Stephen R. Piotrowicz, George R. Harvey, M. Springer-Young, Reinier A. Courant, and Deborah Boran Henry

Aging and the aged in the Third World: Part II: regional and ethnographic perspectives, Jay Sokolovsky

Background for comparative socio-cultural gerontology., Jay Sokolovsky

Growing old in different societies: Cross-cultural perspectives., Jay Sokolovsky

Public contexts for aging: Growing old in a rapidly changing Mexican village., Jay Sokolovsky

Report on aging in Yugoslavia., Jay Sokolovsky

Networks as adaptation: The cultural meaning of being a “loner” among the inner city elderly., Jay Sokolovsky and Carl Cohen