USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications

USF St. Petersburg campus Faculty Publications


This community contains peer-reviewed and other scholarly and professional materials created by faculty of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. If you would like to start a personal collection for your work, please contact digcol at

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Submissions from 1990

Elderly Hispanic migration in the United States., Frank A. Biafora and Charles F. Longino


Pragmatic skills in limited English proficient/non-English speaking students, speech and language students, and regular education students., Alejandro E. Brice


Predicting academic achievement in kindergarten and first grade from prekindergarten scores on the Lollipop Test and Dial., Alex L. Chew and W. Steve Lang

Severe behavior problems: A functional communication training approach., V. Mark Durand

The "aversives" debate is over: And now the work begins., V. Mark Durand


Behavioral treatment of multiple childhood sleep disorders: Effects on child and family., V. Mark Durand and Jodi A. Mindell

As life passes by: A journalist's role is watch and wait., Deni Elliott

Author! Author! Ethical dilemmas when reporters turn author., Deni Elliott

Ethics codes/written rules: The problem is the writing., Deni Elliott

Family feud: Handling conflicts between journalists and partners., Deni Elliott

Foul play: The media drive to score on the Isiah Thomas story, Deni Elliott

In tomorrow's news ... ethics will be a story subject., Deni Elliott

Legitimate limits on free expression., Deni Elliott

Make the choice: Good Samaritan or good reporter., Deni Elliott

Suffer the children: Journalists are guilty of child misuse., Deni Elliott

The Journalist and the Murderer (book review)., Deni Elliott

The year in review: 1990's biggest ethical headaches and journalistic bloopers., Deni Elliott

They said it first: Is that reason for going with a story?, Deni Elliott

To name or not to name ... That is the question., Deni Elliott

Legitimation conflicts: The politics of hazardous waste siting law., Robert W. Lake and Rebecca A. Johns-Krishnaswami


Incidental learning of word meanings by kindergarten and first-grade children through repeated read-aloud events., Cynthia B. Leung and John J. Pikulski

Social networks and social support., A. Lovell and Jay Sokolovsky

ALTO: An automated laddering tool., Nigel Major and Han Reichgelt


Review of: Italians in Toronto: Development of a national identity, 1875-1935., Gary R. Mormino


Review of: Militants and migrants: Rural Sicilians become American workers., Gary R. Mormino


Review of: One family, two worlds: An Italian family's correspondence across the Atlantic, 1901-1922., Gary R. Mormino


Review of: The Butte Irish: Class and ethnicity in an American mining town, 1875-1925., Gary R. Mormino

Extended day programs for latchkey children., Tom Morris and Martin Tadlock


A Short History of a Long Key, James Anthony Schnur

Bringing culture back home: Aging, ethnicity and family based support of the aged., Jay Sokolovsky

Introduction: Culture, aging and context., Jay Sokolovsky

Learning style preferences of achieving and underachieving 8th grade students., Martin Tadlock

Submissions from 1989

Air conditioning., Raymond O. Arsenault

Old men of the Bowery: Strategies for survival among the homeless., Carl Cohen and Jay Sokolovsky

The architecture of Socrates., Rob Corlett, Nick Davies, Robin Khan, Han Reichgelt, and Frank van Harmelen


Resident disruptive behavior., V. Mark Durand

Review of Nonaversive intervention for behavior problems: A manual for home and community., V. Mark Durand

The Motivation Assessment Scale., V. Mark Durand


Operant learning methods with chronic schizophrenia and autism: Aberrant behavior., V. Mark Durand and Edward G. Carr

Reinforcer assessment I.: Using problem behavior to select reinforcers., V. Mark Durand, Daniel B. Crimmins, Marie Caulfield, and Jill Taylor

Assertion-time inference in logic-based systems., Bernie Elfrink and Han Reichgelt

Anonymity for rape victims ... should the rules change?, Deni Elliott

Boxed in: The culture of TV/Comic visions: Television comedy and American Culture/Super media: A cultural studies approach (book review)., Deni Elliott

Deception in journalism., Deni Elliott

Deciding which critically ill person gets coverage., Deni Elliott

Doing your own ethics audit., Deni Elliott

Freedom of expression: Do journalists have a right?, Deni Elliott

How to handle suicide threats., Deni Elliott

Journalistic deception., Deni Elliott

Let's make a deal! The dangers of trading with sources., Deni Elliott

Making the call: From private to public., Deni Elliott

Media and persons with disabilities: Ethical considerations., Deni Elliott

Tales from the darkside: Ethical implications of disaster coverage., Deni Elliott

What's news about the news media?, Deni Elliott

A Case of need: Media coverage and organ transplants., Deni Elliott and Bill Fitz

Person to person., George Graham and Hugh LaFollette

Microanalysis of the earliest French issue coins in the New World., Max M. Houck

A general proof method for modal predicate logic, Peter Jackson and Han Reichgelt

A modal proof method for doxastic reasoning., Peter Jackson and Han Reichgelt

Logic-based knowledge representation., Peter Jackson, Han Reichgelt, and Frank van Harmelen

Animal rights and wrongs., Hugh LaFollette


Freedom of religion and children., Hugh LaFollette

The truth in psychological egoism., Hugh LaFollette

Shareholder returns for international mergers in the U.S., Ike Mathur, Indudeep Chhachhi, and Sridhar Sundaram

A comparison of first order and modal logics of time., Han Reichgelt

Logics for reasoning about knowledge and belief., Han Reichgelt


Mary Lou Baker : An Advocate for Women in Florida, James Anthony Schnur


The nondestructive identification of worn coins from the Marquette Mission Site, St. Ignace, Michigan., Russell K. Skowronek and Max M. Houck

Barabas and Iago: The villain as playwright in Renaissance drama. Abstract., Lisa S. Starks


Florida diatom assemblages as indicators of trophic state and pH., Thomas J. Whitmore

Submissions from 1988

St. Petersburg and the Florida dream, 1888-1950., Raymond O. Arsenault

The wild ass of the Ozarks: Jeff Davis and the social bases of southern politics., Raymond O. Arsenault


From Dixie to dreamland: Demographic and cultural change in Florida, 1880-1980., Raymond O. Arsenault and Gary R. Mormino


Seeking justice., Michael Braswell and Hugh LaFollette


Gender networks and adaptation among an inner-city elderly., Carl Cohen, Jay Sokolovsky, Jeanne Teresi, and Douglas Holmes

Socrates: A flexible toolkit for building logic-based expert systems., Rob Corlett, Nick Davies, Robin Khan, Han Reichgelt, and Frank van Harmelen

Are we talking to ourselves? [Review of Behavioral approaches to education of children and youth]., V. Mark Durand


Training in projective testing: A survey of clinical training directors and internship directors, V. Mark Durand, Edward B. Blanchard, and Jodi A. Mindell

Autism., V. Mark Durand and Edward G. Carr


Identifying the variables maintaining self injurious behavior., V. Mark Durand and Daniel B. Crimmins

AIDS and public disclosure, The Scarlet Letter., Deni Elliott


All is not relative: Essential shared values and the press., Deni Elliott

Family ties: A case study of coverage of families and friends during the hijacking of TWA flight 847., Deni Elliott

Identifying AIDS victims: The destruction of Dr. Huse, Deni Elliott

Political ethics and public office (book review)., Deni Elliott


Homework: A review of special education practices in the southwest., H. William Heller, Fred Spooner, Dana Anderson, and Aquilla Mims

A general proof method for modal predicate logic without the Barcan formula., Peter Jackson and Han Reichgelt


Review of the book Applied Ethics., Hugh LaFollette

Review of the book Love and human separateness., Hugh LaFollette

Review of the book The ivory tower., Hugh LaFollette