Message from the Dean
The optimistic future for health.

Think of the year 2015. It’s not that far away. What health care do you want to receive and provide in 2015? Whatever that vision is, we cannot wait until 2014 to start planning it. Today, the students who come here, the research we do, the care we provide … will all play a role in shaping the next generation of health care and wellness.

That’s the vision this College of Medicine brings to its mission. We want to work with you to create an optimistic future for health.
  • For medical students we’re developing a model integrated curriculum.
  • For scientists and doctoral students, we’ve redeveloped our research cores and boosted our graduate program.
  • For physical therapy students, we’ve developed a doctoral program to develop the movement science of the future.
  • For athletic trainers, we’ve created a program integrated with orthopedics department.
  • For patients, we’ve built two centers for advanced health care based on quality, safety, technology and superior education.
  • For our research and teaching teams, we’ve integrated the college into USF Health, a partnership with USF’s colleges of public health and nursing.

The vision for 2015 means that transforming the learning journey for our students will transform the health care journey for our patients. It’s exciting and I’m happy to share it with you.

Stephen Klasko, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President for USF Health
Dean, College of Medicine


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