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A Large Language Model-Integrated Robotic Storyteller to Improve College Student’s Mental Health

Tam Do
Duy Linh Ha

Alzheimer’s Disease and Its Causes

Anoushka Patel
Ria Kalaria
Sophia Santana
Ngan Mai
Alejandro Vidal
Brianna Betancur

Assessing Gait Parameter Accuracy and Asymmetry Detection: Comparative Analysis of Smartwatches, CAREN System, and IMUs for Amputee Rehabilitation

Emily Wyatt
Isabel Huerta

Contraceptive Accessibility in South Asia: A Systematic Review of Cultural and Societal Determinants

Prachi Misra
Trisha Pitchala
Marie Kolombia
Melek Hamdeh
Tasnia Tabassum
Arshita Singh
Sadhana Mylavari

Contributing Genetic, Environmental and Lifestyle Factors to a Global Prevalence of Parkinson’s Disease

Anna Barnes
Ashlynn Gilbert
Mahek Khiantani
Jessica Lospenuso
Mina Sidhom
Hannah Thomas

Disparities among Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders: A Systematic Review

Prasika Bhattarai
Trisha Pitchala
Michael Sosa
Parker Guevarra
Joshua Manoj
Shikha Patel

Evaluating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Effectiveness on Adolescents with Depression and Anxiety

Katherine S. Froozan
Anjali Makanji
Olivia Piaskowy
Muhammad M. Mustafa
Shivanshu Kumar
Mridula Singh

Exploring the Use of Ayurveda to Address COVID-19 Symptoms

Sreehitha Sajja
Arya Thakkar
Carlos Bibiloni
Faizan Mohammed
Kareem Suleiman
Bhavisha Hirani

Increasing Global Incidences of Malaria in Relation to Rainfall Changes due to Climate Change: A Systemic Review

Katelynn Paciorek
Ameera Shahzad
Wynter Dean
Savannah Woods
Jonah Blankenbaker
Camille Eason

Racial Differences in Incidence, Treatment, and Mortality of Breast Cancer

Oghenefejiro Agbagu
Aliza Hasan
Atalie Paul
Patricia Brutus
Noah Buswell

The Potential Contributors to the Rise in Alcoholism in Young Adults (Ages 18-30)

Victoria Figueroa
Stefan Hajdu
Abdulrahman Sibai
Yuktee Srikant
Ritaj El Ghissassi
Mridula Singh

The Role of Alcohol Consumption in the Development and Management of Cardiovascular Disease: A Systematic Review

Trisha Pitchala
Shivam Patel
Afreen Khan
Rishabh Thakkar
Justin Basdeo
Jasmin Pruthi

The TAU Protein as a Biomarker in Neurodegenerative Diseases: A Systematic Review

Claire Flaherty
Trisha Pitchala
Roy Chen
Ivianeth Borges-Rosado
Hamraz Abdeho
Rushikumar Patel