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A Comparison of Public Sentiment on Social Health Insurance between the United States and Germany

Quynh Anh Nguyen
Colin Jeffers

Alignment of Affective and Economic Valuations for Positive and Negative Experiences

Heleana Bentley
Weili Lu
Katherine Froozan
Reilly Orman

Application of Pharmacogenomics in German Health Care

Amelia Jefferson

Beyond the Spear Tip: An Anti-War Interpretation of the Trojan War

Chance Mason

Bioinformatic and Experimental Analysis of Putative Glycosyltransferases in Bacteriophages that Infect Mycobacteria

Wynter Dean
Joseph French

Candida and Bioactive Compounds in Penicillium Purporogenum

Fiona English

Characteristics of U.S. Healthcare Administration, Health Informatics, and Health Information Management Baccalaureate Programs

Anya Wong

Economics of Data Privacy and Information Technology Adoption in Germany and the United States

Liam Osman
Anzhelika Kurnikova

Examining The Relationships Between News Expectations, News Behaviors and Political Views

Clayton Spencer
Isabella Gagnon
Sophia Jensen

Hiring your Next Superstar: An R Package to Expedite the Hiring Process

Ramya Subramanian

Human Rights Violations and State Irrationality

Ashley Parow
Emma Bullian

Impact of NTFP Harvesting on Viability of Plant Population via Mathematical Modeling

Brooke Page

Jordan Peele’s Nope: Not Your Traditional Hollywood Blockbuster

Jonathan Davis

Press the Red Button: Psychological and Physiological Predictors and Outcomes in Dyadic Team Tasks

Bryan Zuloaga
Dana Smith
Ella Migliorino
Devlyn Pham

Reclaiming the Roads: German Models of Transitioning Car-Centric Infrastructure for Walkability and it’s Transferability in the U.S

Audrey Everett
Nicholas Gonzalez
Carlye Pepe

Register Shifts in Uracil-Damaged DNA

Megan Tran

The Art of War: Examining the Impact of World War II on German Art

Alyssa Tallman

The Morality of Human Euthanasia

Roy Chen

The Most Memorable Faces Are Highly Attractive or Highly Unattractive

Mattie Zeigler

Think Fast!: Rumination and Work-Related Decision-Making Style as Predictors of Dyadic Team-Task Performance

Julia Devoe
Dana Smith
Duong Nguyen
Adriana Gonzalez
Justin Dougherty

U.S. Military Bases in Germany

Daniel Lockridge

Work to Retirement: Examining the Role of Retirement in the Association between Awareness of Aging and Sleep Health

Neha Dewansingh

You Gotta do Who You Gotta do: Depicting Queer Sex Work Based on Lizzie Borden’s Working Girls

Rylee Diehl