Author Biography

Gabriella Wasser graduated from Abilene Christian University located in Abilene, TX with a Bachelors of Science in Early Childhood Education (EC-6) and a Masters in Education and learning. She conducted this action research project in a fourth-grade math and science classroom in fulfillment of her masters degree during her year long student teaching placement.


Whole group math talks, or number talks, are a common practice to get students talking about their own understanding of mathematical concepts. The purpose of this study was to implement math talks in small group settings to see what would happen, specifically to students’ conceptual understanding as well their general perceptions of math talks. This study took place in a fourth-grade math classroom, and math talks were implemented with the whole class for a week and then moved to small groups for the remaining three weeks of the study. During the study, a pre-and post-assessment was given, field notes were taken, and focus groups and interviews were conducted. All data was analyzed using the constant comparative method, looking for recurring themes and descriptive statistics was used to analyze numerical data. The data revealed three major themes: content and processes, language’s crucial role, and math confidence.

Figures within Math Talk Action Research.docx (184 kB)
Data graphs and picture images that support research

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Appendixes talked about in research

Assessment Rubric.pdf (28 kB)
Assessment rubric used for pre and post assessment