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This editorial memorializes Lynn Arthur Steen (1941-2015) with a bibliographic resource that indexes all of his writings (papers, books, edited volumes, and papers contained therein) that are cited in papers in Numeracy. The citation index contains 67 cited works, each accompanied with a list of linked Numeracy papers that cite them. All told, there are 68 such citing papers (called sources); they cite the 67 cited works a total of 290 times and are listed alphabetically in a source index with links. The paired citation and source indexes provide a vehicle for easy browsing by which those familiar with Lynn Steen’s works can easily be refreshed and reminded, while those who are new to QL can quickly come to an understanding of the importance of the concept and get an appreciation of Lynn Steen’s impact on the field. It is worth emphasizing that all of the source papers and many of the cited works are open access. It is hoped that this resource will facilitate hours of happy and thought-provoking reading and a deeper understanding of quantitative literacy.



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