Author Biography

Angela Gonzalez has been teaching in Alachua County Public Schools since 1998. She is excited to be at P.K. Yonge and passionate about students reaching their fullest potential in all settings.

Michael Poole has been teaching for 23 years, and co-teaching for three years in the 4th-5th Grade Community at P. K. Yonge. Michael’s passion is teaching reading and language arts.


Moving our elementary curriculum to emergency remote instruction presented numerous challenges to our elementary school, as teachers recognized that elementary-age children could not be expected to spend the amount of time on computer screens that they had spent in face-to-face classrooms. Working with our colleagues, we adopted a “less is more” approach, using inquiry processes to make systematic and informed choices as to which state standards would be covered. We acted as instructional designers to develop coherent learning units for remote instruction, using inquiry processes to study the effectiveness of our lessons and adjust instruction accordingly. This work could only transpire because we viewed ourselves (and were viewed by our administration) as professionals, rather than technicians. At, P. K. Yonge, we were empowered to critically examine our curriculum, to modify and adjust our lessons in response to the crisis, and to design innovative ways to deliver our curriculum. Conceptualizing teachers’ work as professional was foundational to our ability to be effective during the pandemic.