Author Biography

Rachel Solis is the Director of Faculty Professional Development at Rawson Saunders School, where she organizes the school’s professional development program and leads the professional support team. Rachel’s research interests include professional development, adult learning, school leadership, and action research.

Stephen P. Gordon is a professor at Texas State University, where he teaches courses in the master’s program in education and community leadership and the Ph.D. program in school improvement. Dr. Gordon’s areas of research and writing include instructional supervision, professional development, action research, and leadership preparation.


This study was conducted at a Central Texas private school that offers a full curriculum exclusively for students with dyslexia. A supervisor facilitated fifty members of the school’s teaching faculty as they engaged in voluntary, long-term action research at the individual and team levels to address authentic problems of practice. The study examined the types of inquiry undertaken by the teachers as well as their perceptions of the supervisory support for, impact of, and ways to improve action research at their school. The authors conclude that the supervisor facilitating action research needs to provide ongoing support to teachers engaged in the research, while emphasizing the need for a systematic approach, data-based decision making, continuous cycles of reflection and action, and collegial dialogue among teachers.