Cognitive Engagement with a Multimedia ERP Training Tool: Assessing Computer Self-Efficacy and Technology Acceptance

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Computer self-efficacy, Cognitive engagement, Technology acceptance, ERP, Training tools, Neural network

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Computer self-efficacy (CSE) is a person's judgment of his or her ability to use a computer system. We investigated cognitive engagement, prior experience, computer anxiety, and organizational support as determinants of CSE in the use of a multimedia ERP system's training tool. We also examined the impact of CSE on its acceptance. We determined the benefits of a sequential multi-method approach using structural equation modeling and neural network analysis. High reliability predictions of individual CSE were achieved with a sequential multi-method approach. Specifically, we obtained almost 68% perfect CSE group prediction overall, with almost 85% perfect CSE group prediction using fuzzy sets and over 94% accuracy within one group classification. The resulting CSE assessment and classification enables management interventions, such as allocating users to appropriate instruction for more effective training.

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Information & Management, v. 46, issue 4, p. 221-232