Marine Science Faculty Publications

This is a select list of works produced by the faculty of the USF College of Marine Science. Materials are included when two conditions are satisfied: 1) the creator approves inclusion and 2) the publisher allows the material to be placed in the repository. Please direct questions or requests to expand the list of materials to Jason Boczar.


Submissions from 1980


Equatorial Waves During Gate And Their Relation To The Mean Zonal Circulation, Robert H. Weisberg


Velocity Observations in the Equatorial Thermocline During Gate, Robert H. Weisberg, L. Miller, A. Horigan, and J. A. Knauss

Submissions from 1977


The Determination of the Apparent Dissociation Constants of Arsenic Acid in Seawater, Douglas H. Lowenthal, Michael E.Q. Pilson, and Robert H. Byrne

Submissions from 1975


Meanders and Long Waves in the Equatorial Atlantic, W. Düing, H. Hisard, E. Katz, J. Meincke, L. Miller, Robert H. Weisberg, K. V. Moroshkin, G. Philander, A. A. Ribinikov, and K. Voigt


Redox Reactions and Solution Complexes of Iron in Marine Systems, Dana R. Kester, Robert H. Byrne, and Yu-Jean Liang

Submissions from 1972

Chemical Forms of Iron in Seawater, D. R. Kester and Robert H. Byrne