Submissions from 2016

Strategies and Resources for Career Research, N. Cunningham, K. N. Fowler, and Nora B. Wood


Creating an Open-Access Textbook: A conversation with Jenifer Schneider, Jenifer Jasinski Schneider, Jason Boczar, Stephanie Jacobs, and Nafa Fa'alogo

Tech Talk Flash Shops, Brittany Self, Katherine Ahnberg, Kevin Stephens, and Jane Duncan

Partners in Digital Scholarship: New Frontiers in Teaching and Learning, Brittany Self, Katherine Ahnberg, Tomaro Taylor, and Melanie Griffin


Stay Calm and Cover Your Assessment: Creating a Culture of Assessment on a Shoestring, Susan Silver, Audrey Powers, and Matt Torrence

The Office for Undergraduate Research and the Library, Andrew M. Smith


Longshoremen's Negotiation of Masculinity and the Middle Class in 1950s Popular Culture, Tomaro I. Taylor

Liaison Librarians in the Know: Methods for Discovering Faculty Research and Teaching Needs, Nora B. Wood and M. Griffin

Submissions from 2012


Open Access Week 2012: Education Resources, Susan Ariew

Making the Invisible Visible: Collaborative Assessment of ACRL Competency Standard One, Susan A. Ariew

Review of Encyclopedia of Creativity, Susan A. Ariew

Review of websiteThis I Believe: A Public Dialogue about Belief—One Essay at a Time, Susan A. Ariew


Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: How to Begin the Literature Review, Susan A. Ariew and Audrey Powers

Measuring Impact Across the Disciplines: Tools and Strategies for Supporting Faculty, Susan A. Ariew, Robin Roemer, and Rachel Borchardt


If It's Worth Teaching, It's Worth Finding Out Whether They Learned It!, Susan A. Ariew and Drew Smith


Student-Focused Learning Programs: Designing and Delivering, Susan A. Ariew and Matt Torrence


A Report by the RR2 Taskforce, K. Megan Sheffield, Zoraya Betancourt, Carol Ann Borchert, Barbara Lewis, Susan Silver, Dennis J. Smith, and Drew Smith


Open Access Week 2012: OA Copyright, Drew Smith and Merilyn Burke


Archives and Records Management: A Long History, Tomaro I. Taylor and Gail Donovan


Wasted Words? Current Trends in CD Policies, Matt Torrence, Audrey Powers, and Megan Sheffield

Submissions from 2011


Incorporating Instructional Design into Library Instruction Classes, Susan A. Ariew


Institutional Support for Librarian-Faculty Collaboration: A Personal Reflection Exercise, Susan A. Ariew


The Collaborative Imperative Session One--Online TLT Group Presentation, Susan A. Ariew


The Collaborative Imperative Session Three--Online TLT Group Presentation, Susan A. Ariew


The Collaborative Imperative Session Two--Online TLT Group Presentation, Susan A. Ariew


Using Learning Objects to Enhance Distance Reference Services, Susan A. Ariew

Using Scenarios to ‘Get Real’ with Students About Copying and Plagiarism, Susan A. Ariew


Librarian-Faculty Collaboration Inventory: A Personal Reflection Exercise, Susan A. Ariew and James Eison


The Collaborative Imperative and Information Literacy: Strategies for Librarian-Faculty Partnerships, Susan A. Ariew and James Eison

Putting ‘Literacy’ in ‘Information,’: The Writing and Research Connections in the One-Shot Session, Susan A. Ariew and Lily Todorinova


Students, Faculty, and the Library: Research at the University of South Florida, Susan Silver, Matt Torrence, Barbara Lewis, and Drew Smith


Exploring Writing and Research Connections, Lily Todorinova and Susan A. Ariew


Informed Desk Staffing with Quantified Reference Statistics: Using Electronic Data Collection to Re-Envision Reference Services at the USF Tampa Libraries, Lily Todorinova, Andy Huse, Barbara Lewis, and Matt Torrence


Making Decisions: Using Electronic Data Collection to Re-Envision Reference Services at the USF Tampa Libraries, Lily Todorinova, Barbara Lewis, Andy Huse, and Matt Torrence

Submissions from 2003

National Survey of Student Engagement, Susan A. Ariew

Looking Back: Doing End-of-Term Assessments , Susan A. Ariew, Penny Burge, and Bruce Pencek

Evaluating Teaching in the Library Setting: The Virginia Tech Experience , Susan A. Ariew, Edward Lener, and Nan Seamans

Information Competency Skills for Business Students, Nancy Cunningham

Teaching Information Literacy in Accounting, Nancy Cunningham

Submissions from 2001

Usability Testing of Interface Design in the Virtual Library Environment, Maryellen Allen, Jeremy Bullian, Merilyn S. Burke, and Carlene Jaworowski


In Search of an Emotionally Healthy Library, Nancy A. Cunningham

Submissions from 2000

Education: A Core List of Web Resources for Researchers and Teachers, Susan A. Ariew

Resources for Teaching Human Rights Issues to Young Adults, Kathleen M. Carico, Lee Brown, and Susan A. Ariew

Freshmen Library Orientation: Design and Assessment, Nancy Cunningham

!Sí hablo español, un poquito! Basic Spanish for Librarians, Nancy Cunningham

Outreach through the College Librarian Program at Virginia Tech, Jane E. Schillie, Virginia E. Young, Susan A. Ariew, Ellen M. Krupar, and Margaret C. M. Merrill.