Vahagn Avedian


This study depicts how the Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire during World War I were perceived by a neutral small state, namely, Sweden. The Swedish knowledge should be of special interest since, as a neutral state during the entire conflict, Sweden had no immediate involvement or interest in the ongoing conflict; thus, any reporting about the events would have been untainted compared to that of the Entente or Turkey’s allies. The information at hand is also essential to an understanding of the subsequent Swedish reaction. However, surveying the full amount of information needed for comprehensively understand- ing and analyzing the response to the massacres is beyond the scope of this article and requires a larger study. This article, therefore, addresses the first part, namely charting the information at hand, while the analysis of the response, especially a neutral small state’s during an ongoing global conflict, will be left to future studies. The surveyed information in this study shows that information about the Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire was abundant.