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Dana Wetzel


This dataset contains results of lipid class composition using Iatroscan and fatty acid identification of Florida pompano exposed to dispersed south Louisiana crude oil. Florida pompano were either exposed to 1 or 0.5 ppm of chemically enhanced water accommodated fraction (CEWAF). A control experiment was also performed. After a specified period fish were dissected and lipids were extracted from liver tissue and whole body tissue and were analyzed.



Dataset contains laboratory measurements of lipids, no field sampling involved.

Supplemental Information

Sample key worksheet: MML, Matrix (Liver, Whole Body), Tag ID, Collected date (dd-mon-yy), Organism Species (Florida Pompano), Treatment (Control, Low, High), Spawning Tank. Exposure tank description and spawning tank description worksheets: Tank ID (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I), Start date (mm/dd/yyyy), End date (mm/dd/yyyy), Treatment (High CEWAF, Low CEWAF, Control), Number of Fish (5), Notes, Recorded by (RM). CEWAF Prep worksheet: Start Date (mm/dd/yyyy), End Date (mm/dd/yyyy), Carboy (A, B, F), Oil (g), Corexit (g), Volume Water (L), Treatment (High, Low), Amount of Stock Solution (L), Amount of Seawater (L). % Lipid worksheet: Dissection Date (dd-mon-yy), Exposure Tank ID (Control, Low, High), Tag number, Liver, Lipid (%), Whole Body, Lipid (%). Liver TLC results and whole body TLC results worksheets: Treatment (Control, Low, High), Tag number, Rep, MML, Wax esters & Sterol Esters (%), Triglycerides (%), Free Fatty Acids (%), Cholesterol (%), Phospholipids & Polar Lipids (%).|Methods adapted from the NOAA technical memorandum Sloan et al., 2014.|Mitsubishi Kagaku Iatron, Inc., Iatroscan MK‌-6s, PeakSimple Chromatography Data System.|||Sloan, C. A., B. F. Anulacion, K. A. Baugh, J. L. Bolton, D. Boyd, R. H. Boyer, D. G. Burrows, D. P. Herman, R. W. Pearce, G. M. Ylitalo. (NWFSC) 2014. Northwest Fisheries Science Center's analyses of tissue, sediment, and water samples for organic contaminants by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry and analyses of tissue for lipid classes by thin layer chromatography/flame ionization detection. U.S. Dept. of Commerce, NOAA Tech. Memo., NMFS-NWFSC-125, 61 p.


This is part of an experiment to see the effects of dispersed crude oil, via south Louisiana crude oil CEWAF, on the lipid content of fish.


lipid composition, Florida pompano, Trachinotus carolinus, CEWAF, Iatroscan MK‌-6s




February 2019

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Dana Wetzel


Mote Marine Laboratory / Environmental Laboratory of Forensics Program

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