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That Child of Always by April Hartley “That Child of Always” is a new body of work by textile artist, April Hartley, that turns traditional embroidery on its head while exploring how children who are experiencing hardship or trauma express themselves when they may not have the vocabulary to do so. Hartley began carefully transforming collected children’s drawings into embroidery on fabric when several children in her life were facing difficult circumstances, which flooded her with memories of her own childhood and that feeling of voiceless-ness that comes with being a kid. Hartley connects embroidery, which is permanent, precious, and inherently tied to the household, symbolizing order and light-heartedness, like the “Home Sweet Home” piece on grandma’s wall, to the temporary nature of a child’s sketch, something often dismissed, and to the lasting effect of childhood. Along with the original embroidery works, the exhibit will include site-specific embroidery installations, and will also officially launch the series’ accompanying art book, also titled “That Child of Always”.

Paintings From LAla Land by Eva Avenue While living in Los Angeles in March and April 2016 to attend a neon art/sign workshop, Eva Avenue painted a new series of large vibrant imaginal cell watercolors. Surging and falling through the energy fields of these paintings done around L.A., imaginal cells are nature’s bio-units of resilience and change. She creatively uses them to represent the units of energy making up solid matter, reminding us that everything is alive, empty and full of music. Her neon art sign, designed and executed at Lili Lakich Neon Studio in L.A.’s Arts District, will also be on display.

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April Hartley, Eva Avenue


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That Child of Always by April Hartley and Paintings From LAla Land by Eva Avenue



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