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An Analysis of the Foreign Policy of the United States and United Kingdom on the Creation of Israel 1917 to 1950

Madison Reiter

An Analytical Study on the Evolution of Dentistry in India: Uncovering Systemic Disparities

Jai Cyriac

Barriers to Organ Donation in Rural India

Brandon V. Tran

College Students and Technology: Transforming Healthcare

William Brandow Ridley
Abigail Lee Usewick
Thai Vu
Neha Dantuluri
Nicole Nagib

Effective Leaders Leverage & Embrace the Patient Concern Conundrum

Daija Elise Robertson
Janelle Maria van Ooyen
Rebekah Brianne Hughes
Pranav Pratap Nair
Nicole Nagib

Examining the Effect of Art Therapy on University Students Psychological and Social Well-being

Dana Smith
Mridula Singh

Gender Biases in Modern Ayurvedic Practice

Angelique Thomas
Sejal Mohan

Honors Students’ Opinions of the Supreme Court’s Decision Overturning 19-1392: Was the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Lydia Marie Linares
Anoushka Patel
Amelia Nicole Pepe
Connor Michael Tubbs
Nicole Nagib

Investigation of Organ Trafficking in India

Ananya Siragavarapu
Adrit Roy

Mental Healthcare: A Comparative Analysis of America and Germany

Jordan Reeves

Pathophysiology of Diabetes in South Asia

Suhas Madala
Rehan Shah
Praneeth Kutcherlapati
Pranav Kanthala

Physician Assisted Death: An Exploration into the State-Dependent Legality

Elliot Hermanan

State of Tuberculosis: Assessing the Impact of Insufficient Funding and Health Disparities on Control Efforts in India

Rebecca Mathew
Rishika Trehan
Lavisha Khiantani

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on General Well-Being, Dance Medicine and Kinesiology

Shubhi Verma

The Problem of Hate: Dangerous Implications and Fundamental Resolutions

Samantha Whiskeyman

Yoga’s Role in Indian Mental Healthcare: Bridging Tradition and Treatment

Gabriella Gonzalez