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A Systematic Review of the Effects of the Two Major Types of Progeroid Syndromes (Hutchinson-Gilford and Werner) on the Factors of Aging Within DNA Replication.

Jennifer Pam Schenk
Carmen Sturgill
Praval Ghanta
Gabriel Gomez Ramirez
Hasnain Kasli
Brooke Turpin

A Tale of Two Age Groups: Patient Satisfaction Across Age Cohorts

Anish Reddy Thalakola
Adnan Rahman
Bilal Nadeem
Nicole Nagib
Kelly Nicole Drago

Beyond the Bedside: Navigating Concerns Within a Nursing Department

Mary Carmen Cayangho Andruskiewicz
Reena Maria Howard
Maysee Huynh
Bryant Anthony Yau
Nicole Nagib
Kelly Nicole Drago

BRCA 1 and 2 Mutations and their relation to Breast Cancer: An Epidemiological Overview

Simone Perciballi
Prachi Misra
Sophia Avila
Taeler Bell
Lisa Dawood
Sarah Murphy

Caffeine Effects on EEG Waves

Gabriela Mwelwa
Darlin Guerra Diaz

Characterizing Emergency Department Use and Misuse at the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital

Shahid Siddique
Sricharan Pusala

Commercial Kit Comparison for DNA Recovery in Ethanol-Stored Fecal Sample

Adriana I. Lopez

Employee Concerns in a Multi-Campus Hospital System

Kendall Jo Ann Shirk
Amber Marie Northrup
Julianna Xochitpill Mangum
Nicole Nagib
Kelly Nicole Drago

Hurdles in using Bacteriophages against Antibiotic Resistant Infections

Aksa Merin Santhosh
Quinn Pullara
Daija Robertson
Nuona Li
Gabriela Valentina Aguilar Escajadillo
Michelle Jayaraj

Maternal Disparities regarding Physician Visitation Rates during Pregnancy

Wid Alhassani
Hanan Ibrahim
Jhanavi Sabharwal

Resolved or Unsolved: Health Care Worker Concerns Across Hospital Campuses

Catherine Elizabeth Susanna Wall
Alexis Marie Gordillo
Veronica Ibrahim Ramzy Daoud
Nicole Nagib
Kelly Nicole Drago

The Front Line: Impact of COVID-19 on Beliefs and Behaviors Among University Students

Kelly Nicole Drago
Ariel Gomez Garcia
Nicole Nagib

The Search for Health: College Students and their Internet Use

Delaney Erin Turner
Carolina Andrea Arce Castro
Manuela Jaramillo
Nicole Nagib
Kelly Nicole Drago

Tots, Tweens, Teens & Technology: Transforming Wait Time Experience

Chloe Maeve Lemstrom
Elizabeth Nicole Miehl
Sean Landreth Smith
Nicole Nagib
Kelly Nicole Drago