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Beyond "Sounding it Out:" Supporting Young Writers

Megan Conrad

Building Positive Student-Teacher Relationships in Early Childhood Education

Brianna Davis

Encouraging Writing Development

Stephanie Randolph
Hope Todd

Exploring Multiple Pathways to Reading: A Teacher Inquiry

Julia Bissonnette
Sarai Marquez

Exploring Multiple Ways to Assess Young Children's Learning

Autumn Brooke Bluhm

Fostering Emotional Intelligence in Early Childhood Education

Isabella Alicea

Fostering Positive Social Interactions in an Inclusive Classroom

Libenny Saint-Hilaire

Fostering Young Children's Social Competencies

Shannon OBrien
Allexyss Sisouphone

Fostering Young Children's Social Competencies

Shannon OBrien
Allexyss Sisouphone

"Inferencing Ability and its Relation to Comprehension in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders"

Breanna Zurita
Irene Febres
Jessica O'Reilly
Megan Kirby
Matthew Foster, University of South Florida
Trina Spencer, University of South Florida

Play-Based Mathematics in Early Childhood Education

Audrey Crotts

Recognizing and Building Upon Diverse Communicative Competencies In Young Children

Magie Duckwitz

Supporting Emerging Writers in a Kindergarten Classroom

Kyra Denington

Supporting English-Language Learners During Language Arts Instruction

Q'Ristien Berrian

Supporting Positive Behaviors in the Classroom: Fostering Young Children's Social Competencies

Katelyn Hall

Supporting Young English Learners' Reading Comprehension

Annalys Gonzalez
Rebecca Andion

Using Morning Meetings to Build Young Children's Perseverance

Sadie Koch

Using Universal Design for Learning to increase student engagement.

Ragon Ralston
Melissa Bender