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This study evaluates user experiences in the Bethlehem University Library across four categories: Services, Resources, Library Usage, and the Building itself, based on an anonymous survey issued in October 2017. The Library was refurnished in 2016 with the express purpose of creating a facility with the most current practices and equipment, at a level comparable to other modern academic universities, to enhance the learning experience at Bethlehem University. The objective of the survey was to determine the level of user satisfaction with the refurbished Library. The response rate was 9.44% (of a total population N = 3750). The survey also provided space for comments, which 69 clients used to express opinions and suggestions.

Survey results indicate that clients are highly satisfied with both the Library services and the building. Respondents use the Library as a place to work and study. They rely on Library computers as opposed to their personal digital devices to access resources. They slightly prefer electronic resources to print. We recommend that the survey be repeated periodically, and that methods are implemented to increase the response rate.

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Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the Research & Innovation Day on March 14, 2018 in Bethlehem, Occupied Palestinian Territories