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Submissions from 2001

Usability Testing of Interface Design in the Virtual Library Environment, Maryellen Allen, Jeremy Bullian, Merilyn S. Burke, and Carlene Jaworowski

Copyright and Intellectual Property , Merilyn S. Burke

Copyright Discussion, Merilyn S. Burke

Panel Discussion: Copyright Issues in Libraries , Merilyn S. Burke, Sue Felber, Wanda Barrett, and Monica Metz-Wiseman


In Search of an Emotionally Healthy Library, Nancy A. Cunningham

Telecommunications Use in the Development of a Virtual Library, Ardis Hanson, Merilyn S. Burke, Susan Heron, and Bruce Lubotsky

Submissions from 2000

Education: A Core List of Web Resources for Researchers and Teachers, Susan A. Ariew

Copyright Session , Merilyn S. Burke

Resources for Teaching Human Rights Issues to Young Adults, Kathleen M. Carico, Lee Brown, and Susan A. Ariew

Freshmen Library Orientation: Design and Assessment, Nancy Cunningham

!Sí hablo español, un poquito! Basic Spanish for Librarians, Nancy Cunningham

Outreach through the College Librarian Program at Virginia Tech, Jane E. Schillie, Virginia E. Young, Susan A. Ariew, Ellen M. Krupar, and Margaret C. M. Merrill.

Case Studies in Collaboration: Lessons From Five Exemplary Programs, Scott Walter

Submissions from 1998

The Internet and the English/Language Arts Teacher, Susan A. Ariew

Submissions from 1994

Sources for Teaching Adolescent Literature: a Selective Guide, Susan A. Ariew

Submissions from 1978

The Failure of the Open-Access Residence Halls Library, Susan A. Ariew

CAHSL Union List of Serials, Merilyn S. Burke

University of Connecticut Health , Merilyn S. Burke

Yale Medical Library Serials List, Merilyn S. Burke

Submissions from 1976


CAHSL Union List of Serials: The Connecticut Experience, Merilyn S. Burke

Submissions from 1974

Geography Holdings in the Syracuse University Libraries: An annotated List of Journals and Series, Merilyn S. Burke and Peter Hugill