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The Journal of Transportation Demand Management Research (ISSN: 2642-6188) is an international journal produced by the National Center for Transit Research (NCTR) at the University of South Florida, a federally-funded Tier I University Transportation Center. The Journal contains original research and case studies associated with sustainable transportation, including all types of travel choices designed to reduce or redistribute the use of single occupancy vehicles. These topics include: carpooling, vanpooling, commuter buses, bicycling and walking, parking management, telework, compressed work weeks and transportation network companies. Topics are approached from a variety of academic disciplines, including economics, engineering, planning, and others, and include policy, methodological, technological, and financial aspects. Emphasis is placed on the identification of innovative solutions to urban transportation issues (including congestion, air quality, health, livability, reliability, resiliency, sustainability, accessibility/economic development, and safety).

See the About This Journal for a complete coverage of the journal.

Current Issue: Volume 1, Number 1 (2019)