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Reading teachers' feedback positioned PSETs as students, evoking recollections about receiving teacher feedback, while writing their own feedback positioned them as teachers, evoking visions of what a writing teacher must do/be to claim authority in the classroom. [...]in my experience as an English teacher educator, I have noticed that mentor teachers tend to reserve this work for themselves rather than share it with their preservice mentees. [...]during their student-teaching internships, preservice secondary English teachers (PSETs) often have few opportunities to practice strategies for responding to students' writing. At my institution, as at others, it is not until the end of their undergraduate programs, after taking courses on literature and on education theory, that PSETs typically encounter pedagogical strategies particular to English language arts in their methods courses. While such English-focused courses usually include accompanying field experiences, during which PSETs visit local classrooms and interact with actual teachers and students, whether and how these field experiences are integrated with course assignments remains unclear (Smagorinsky & Whiting, 1995; Caughlan et al.,2017).2 While most programs (like mine) have a writing pedagogies course, this class, too, may be separated from fieldwork; accordingly, discussion of teacher-response strategies often remains necessarily abstract (e.g., Tulley, 2013). [...]fieldwork during secondary teacher preparation may be limited: PSETs may visit only one or two classrooms near the university. [...]they may have little exposure to students with various cultural/linguistic backgrounds, and even fewer opportunities to see more than one teacher's approaches to responding to writing. Given these constraints, how might English...

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English Education, v. 49, issue 4, p. 347-376

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