A Conversation with Stephanie Toliver

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Dr. Stephanie Toliver talks to us about speculative fiction, storytelling, and asking different questions to help us envision a different kind of future in schools. Stephanie is known for her work in Black storytelling and children’s literature, particularly science fiction, fantasy, and horror genres by Black authors. Dr. Toliver has published numerous academic articles and she is the author of Recovering Black Storytelling in Qualitative Research: Endarkened Storywork. Stephanie’s work has received many accolades including the Outstanding Dissertation Award for the Arts-Based Educational Research Special Interest Group of the American Educational Research Association, the Promising Researcher Award from the National Council for Teachers of English, and funding from an American Library Association Diversity Research Grant. Dr. Toliver is an assistant professor of Literacy and Secondary Humanities at the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is also the curator of the website, www.ReadingBlackFutures.com, where you can read more about her work.


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