Whole Language Teaching and Mandated District Objectives Are Compatible

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Fall 1990


Many teachers with a whole language philosophical orientation question how to cover mandated district objectives using whole language instruction. One problem is that curriculum objectives are usually presented in discrete, isolated fragments. Second, teachers are also expected to document what skills they have covered. Third, specific guidelines which demonstrate how teachers can structure whole language classroom activities are lacking. This paper presents a vignette which provides answers to teachers who wish to initiate whole language instruction and also cover district objectives. The teacher in the vignette follows curriculum guidelines and: (1) allows her students' interests and instructional needs to determine what is directly taught and reviewed; (2) incorporates reading/language arts lessons with multiple disciplines when appropriate; (3) integrates and interrelates reading and writing instruction; (4) promotes student/teacher collaboration and student discussion and decision making; (5) makes learning meaningful, personal and functional; and (6) helps students to participate actively in their own learning.

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Reading Exploration and Discovery, Louisiana Reading Association Journal, v. 13, issue 1, p. 8-19