When a Parent of a Student With a Learning Disability Is Also an Educator in the Same School District: A Heuristic Case Study

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learning disability, parent–educator, special education, advocacy, heuristic case study

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Advocating for your child with a disability can be a daunting task for any parent. When the parent is also a school district employee, determining whether advocacy could impact one’s position as an employee becomes inherently problematic. Using a heuristic case study approach, this inquiry’s intent is to understand the experiences, barriers, and perceptions of job security related to advocating from inside the district as a parent–educator of a child with a learning disability. Three themes emerged that describe this parent–educator’s experiences. Findings indicate this parent–educator encountered varied experiences. Specifically, these include experiences that were both positive and challenging in nature, barriers that were not anticipated by the parent–educator, and repercussions related to job security. Implications for practice and future research related to parents of children with disabilities who are also educators are discussed.

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Learning Disability Quarterly, v. 41, issue 1, p. 19-31