Promoting Quality for Teacher Action Research: Lessons Learned from Science Teachers’ Action Research

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Action research, Community of practice, Pedagogy, Quality in action research, Science teachers’ action

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In this article we explore the concept of quality in teacher action research by re‐examining our participation with science teachers in several different collaborative action research projects. We conducted second‐order action research and generated a series reflexive conditions for promoting and ensuring quality action research. We assert that a collaborative action research group must function as both a community of practice and an epistemic community if both practice is to be improved and knowledge and understanding is to be generated. In addition, teacher researchers must have a thorough grounding of the nature of action research and knowledge of appropriate research methods. The framework we have outlined only goes as far as suggesting a possible set of guidelines or conditions, and is not intended to be prescriptive. For others researchers, teacher educators and practitioners, this framework may serve as a starting point to draw from when establishing and facilitating their own action research projects.

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Educational Action Research, v. 14, issue 4, p. 497-512