Practicing Pragmatic Action Research for Social Change and Knowledge Generation

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Book Review

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Reviews the book ""Introduction to Action Research: Social Research for Social Change"" by Davydd J. Greenwood and Morten Levin (see record 1998-06886-000). The fact that Davydd Greenwood and Morten Levin's book does make a large contribution to the conversation on action research (AR) is due to their theoretical and practical description, and their analysis of a particular form of AR, which they call pragmatic action research. Their AR space is defined by three axes: purpose, theoretical orientation, and type of reflection. Greenwood and Levin's pragmatic AR is located in the region of the space that is characterized by a political purpose, an emancipatory orientation, and communal reflection. Overall, Greenwood and Levin's book on AR provides readers with the opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of AR as a pragmatic democratic process that can lead to the solution of societal problems and the generation of new knowledge. In addition, through their case examples and their chapter on AR methods, they provide readers with an entry point into the practice of pragmatic AR.

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Contemporary Psychology, v. 46, issue 1, p. 37-39