Writing With Their Whole Being: A Cross Study Analysis of Children's Writing from Five Classrooms Using Process Drama

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The purpose of this paper is to share results from five interpretive studies that examined young children's writing in response to process drama. Through a pooled case comparison, the authors analysed five independent studies that explored process drama as a tool for literacy instruction and learning. From this analysis, several themes emerged in regard to young children's writing in response to and as part of process drama. In this article, the authors focus on one particular theme--composing in role and complexity of stance. They suggest that writing in response to drama can provide insights into the complexities of children's literacy processes by explicitly revealing the connections between children's perspectives, responses, and thoughts as well as the interplay among their oral, written, textual, and gestural symbol systems.

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Research in Drama Education: The Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, v. 7, issue 1, p. 61-79