Psychometric Properties of the School Attitude Assessment Survey–Revised With International Baccalaureate High School Students

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International Baccalaureate, confirmatory factor analysis

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In two studies (ns = 312 and 1,149) with 9- to 12-grade students in pre–International Baccalaureate (IB) and IB Diploma programs, we evaluated the reliability, factor structure, measurement invariance, and criterion-related validity of the scores from the School Attitude Assessment Survey–Revised (SAAS-R). Reliabilities of the five SAAS-R subscale scores were good (αs > .80) for pre-IB (Grades 9-10) and IB students (Grades 11-12). Study 1 model fit indices for the five-factor SAAS-R model from confirmatory factor analyses showed greater misfit than those previously reported by McCoach and Siegle. In contrast, Study 2 fit indices for the five-factor model with pre-IB and IB students were similar to values reported by McCoach and Siegle. Tests of measurement invariance in Study 2 using multigroup confirmatory factor analysis identified three items within the Motivation/Self-Regulation subscale that differed in their item intercepts (i.e., uniform differential item functioning) with pre-IB students endorsing these items more strongly compared with IB students. Based on these results along with evidence of criterion-related validity as reflected in the moderate statistical relations between the SAAS-R subscales and students’ GPAs, the SAAS-R shows promise as a research tool that can be used to examine the psychological factors associated with pre-IB and IB students’ academic achievement.

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Gifted Child Quarterly, v. 59, issue 1, p. 38-54