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computers, gifted education, gifted students, learners, teachers of gifted, technology, technology education

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In this entry, technology refers to computer technologies and peripherals, which require technical skills to operate and evaluative skills to determine which computing functions are most appropriate to accomplish a goal. Technology has received greater emphasis in educational settings during the last 20 years, especially with the advent of the Internet, affordable pricing of computers for the general public, and widespread use of technology in business, industry, and academia. Computer technologies are recognized as both learning tools and as a content area in gifted education, each of which should be included in the curriculum for gifted to appropriately address gifted students' intellectual, creative, academic, psychosocial, and leadership needs. This entry presents accepted standards and educational goals for using technology in educating gifted learners, considers the implications of technology for educators, and discusses the literature dealing with the role of technology in gifted education.

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Technology, in B. Kerr (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent, Sage Publications, p. 887-890