The Spanish Civil War Oral History Project documented the response of the Tampa Spanish immigrant community to the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939). The project was partially funded by grants from the Program for Cultural Cooperation between Spain's Ministry of Culture and United States' Universities, and from the Florida Humanities Council. Ana M. Varela-Lago was the project’s coordinator. See also: Spanish Civil War History Project.


Submissions from 1997

Aida Azpeitia, Aida Azpeitia

Joaquin de la Llana, Joaquin De La Llana

Andrew Espolita, Andrew Espolita

Dolores Garcia, Dolores Garcia

Aida Gonzalez, Aida Gonzalez

Frank Gonzalez, Frank Gonzalez

Anthony Granell, Anthony Granell

Gus Jimenez, Gus Jimenez

Joe Maldonado, Joe Maldonado

Angeles Marti, Angeles Marti

Alicia Menendez, Alicia Menendez

Amelia Menendez, Amelia Menendez

Amalia Owens, Amalia Owens

Grace Pelaez, Grace Pelaez

Alice Perez, Alice Perez

Frank Perez, Frank Perez

Angel Rañón, Angel Rañón

Delia Sánchez, Delia Sánchez