Creating a Needs-Responsive LIS Curriculum in a Developing Country: A Case Study from Kenya

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The Department of Library Studies at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya has for some time now been reviewing its curriculum, for the purposes of meeting the requirements and needs of a twenty-first century global, networked society and to meet the country's information needs. To achieve this, the University has been working on approximately 10 different programs from certificate to masters in both library and information science and archives administration/records management. This paper analyzes the process involved in this undertaking and critically examines the underlying assumptions embedded in the exercise. It discusses problems encountered, solutions devised, and the products derived from the curriculum review. The paper is a collaborative effort between a faculty member based in Kenya and one based in the United States.

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The International Information & Library Review, v. 39, issue 2, p. 134-144