A Re-Evaluation of Information Systems Publication Forums

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Fall 1999


Information technology, Research & development, R&D, Publishing, Information dissemination, Polls & surveys


The value or quality of journals for dissemination of new research results by academic researchers is a source of ongoing discussion in the academic community. The information systems field is experiencing a tremendous rate of growth and divergence simultaneously. With the ever-increasing plethora of journals available to academic researchers and the recent emphasis on more technical disciplines within information systems, there exists a need within the information system community to evaluate journal publication outlets with regard to specific research disciplines. A survey is conducted to determine the current range of information systems research disciplines and to garner the perception of faculty within each research discipline as to the ideal publication forums for the specific research discipline. Results indicate that differences exist between the different information systems research disciplines with regard to suitable dissemination outlets.

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Journal of Computer Information Systems, v. 40, issue 1, p. 88-97