Weight Management Information Overload Challenges in 2007 HINTS: Socioeconomic, Health Status and Behaviors Correlates

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Health information, information overload, predictors of overload, weight management

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Online users search the internet to locate necessary information for long-term weight management. However, some become frustrated or feel overwhelmed by the different kinds of weight management information. This phenomenon is known as information overload. The study used 2007 Health Information National Trends Survey (HINTS) data to find that overweight people and older adults were more likely to report overweight information overload. Further, lower education levels, poor health conditions, feelings of sadness, health information received from friends, little confidence in their ability to find information, and not using complementary therapies were also significantly associated with information overload. In view of these findings, health care information vendors, policy makers, information specialists, and librarians could provide an effective way to deliver weight management information.

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Journal of Consumer Health on the Internet, v. 17, issue 2, p. 151-167