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A message from James E. Andrews, Associate Director of the School of Information ...

Welcome to the School of Information at the University of South Florida. The School offers educational programs that seek to prepare students for careers and leadership roles in a complex, culturally diverse, and technological society. For several decades we have had a distinguished record of educating professionals in Library and Information Science through our ALA-accredited M.A. in Library and Information Science. Most recently, we have broadened our scope to include a B.S. in Information Studies. At the heart of both programs is our focus on humans as central to information systems, services, and technology, and the critical role of understanding how people interact with information in myriad forms. Our students from the MLS degree serve communities throughout the state, nation, and internationally in libraries, government agencies, and host of other information agencies and contexts. The BS in Information Studies will enable students to be able to build both technological skills upon a solid theoretical foundation so they can help lead others in our rapidly evolving information society. Our faculty explore a host of research and scholarly issues ranging from such areas as the role of the library in the public sphere, to health informatics, to organization of knowledge and archiving. Moreover, we are committed to being engaged in our communities and professions and value interdisiciplinary research that can inform best-practice as well as contribute to the knowledge of our broad discipline.

Take some time to explore what we have to offer, and please feel to contact us for further information.

Best wishes,

James E. Andrews, PhD
Associate Director and Associate Professor


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