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Nelson Poynter Memorial Library -- Catalogs; Florida -- Archival resources; Archives -- Florida -- Catalogs; Journalism and Media Studies Provenance


This collection includes a variety of newspapers and a smaller collection of news magazines that generally document current events in the United States and throughout the world during the 1930s and 1940s. The majority of the newspapers came from Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania, though occasional issues from areas such as Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York, San Diego, and other cities also reside within the collection. These materials came to us via donation by Dr. Gary R. Mormino, Professor Emeritus of History and Florida Studies, and a member of the faculty within the USF System since 1977. Professor Mormino frequently taught classes on the social history of the United States with an emphasis on the Second World War, and some of these newspapers certainly provided students with supplemental primary and secondary source material as examples of how the press and journalists covered events leading up to World War II. The original compilers of these newspapers and magazines since their original dates of publication remain unknown, though Mormino had carefully preserved and organized the collection in a way to assure access and preservation as best as possible.


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