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Nelson Poynter Memorial Library -- Catalogs; Florida -- Archival resources; Archives -- Florida -- Catalogs; Clothing trade; Labor unions--United States; Triangle Shirtwaist Company--Fire, 1911; Literature and Humanities Provenance


Ms. Susan B. Donoff, a graduate student in history at the University of South Florida, investigated the horrific 25 March 1911 fire at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in New York City. As part of her research, she sought to examine how the fire transformed the labor movement and how notable leaders of the time—especially Frances Perkins and members of Tammany Hall— assumed important roles in promoting progressive reforms. Perkins, who later served as the first female cabinet member when she began her tenure as President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Secretary of Labor, championed the plight of those who perished in the greatest single tragedy to hit Gotham during the twentieth century. This collection includes a variety of primary source documents from 1961 that commemorated the fiftieth anniversary of the Triangle fire. These materials came from the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union Presidential Records of David Dubinsky. He served as ILGWU President from 1932 through 1966. Dubinsky (1892-1982) maintained a long-time professional association with Frances Perkins (1882-1965). Papers in this collection, photocopies of documents held by the Cornell University’s Kheel Center as Collection 5780/002, describe ways in which ILGWU officials and others sought to recognize the fiftieth anniversary of this tragedy.



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