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Nelson Poynter Memorial Library -- Catalogs; Florida -- Archival resources; Archives -- Florida -- Catalogs; Florida -- Antiquities; Indians of North America -- Florida -- Antiquities; Local and Regional History Provenance


This collection includes nearly 800 items donated by W.R. “Butch” Evans in summer 2011. Evans, a resident of Pinellas County, collected the artifacts, chert, pottery sherds, lithic tools, shell tools, and other items while exploring coastal areas and estuaries of Florida. He located “surface finds,” items providing evidence of pre-Columbian settlements that appeared along beaches, river beds and shorelines, and other similar areas of Florida. Out of respect for those middens and mounds remaining, Evans did not violate or desecrate historical sites while collecting these materials. This catalog represents a preliminary inventory of the materials in the W.R. “Butch” Evans Collection.


80 p. "First Release: March 2012" on t.p.

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