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Peplos Kore (with traces of color)





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The face is characterized by an interest in converging planes. The eyes and mouth occupy hollows which emphasize these features, separated by strongly protruding cheeks and a broad nose. The details are so close to the face of the Rampin Horseman that the two are often attributed to the same sculptor. If true, she must be one of his late works, for she is stylistically much advanced. The mouth, though retaining the up-lifted corners of an archaic smile, is now much softer, more relaxed, less triangular in form. The more developed form of the eyes corresponds to the equally developed forms of the body. Stylistically she is more advanced than the caryatids from Delphi and is approximately contemporary with the Siphnian Treasury there.


Athens, Acropolis, west of the Erechtheum (in 1886), Style: High Archaic, Period: Greek Archaic Period, Group: High Archaic, Sculpture; Statue of maiden; chiton; maiden; peplos; stephane; wreath;, Statue

Subject: topical

Style: High Archaic; Period: Greek Archaic Period; Group: High Archaic; Sculpture; Statue of maiden; chiton; maiden; peplos; stephane; wreath;

Subject: geographic

Athens, Acropolis, west of the Erechtheum (in 1886)


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Peplos Kore (with traces of color)