Submissions from 2008

Investigation into the Creation and Application of a Composite Application Software Development Process Framework (CASDPF), Mohammed Maharmeh and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Independent Component Analysis Algorithms in Wireless Communication Systems, Sargam Parmar and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Business Driven Enterprise Architecture and Applications to Support Mobile Business, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Real Time Decision Making and Mobile Technologies, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Strategic Elements for the Mobile Enablement of Business, Keith Sherringham and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Role of Mobile Technologies in an Environmentally Responsible Business Strategy, Bharti Trivedi and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Australasian Software Excellence – II, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Creation of a Process Framework for Transitioning to a Mobile Enterprise, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Lessons in Implementing ‘Green’ Business Strategies with ICT, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Transitioning Business Processes to a Collaborative Business Environment with Mobility: an Action Research Based on a Service Organization, Bhuvan Unhelkar, Amit Tiwary, and Abbass Ghanbary

Integrating Mobile Technologies in Enterprise Architecture with a Focus on Global Supply Chain Management Systems, Bhuvan Unhelkar, Ming Chien Wu, and Abbass Ghanbary

Extending Enterprise Architecture with Mobility, Ming Chien Mindy Wu and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Extending Enterprise Architecture with Mobility, Ming Chien Wu and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Submissions from 2005


Lying in Negotiations: How Individual and Situational Factors Influence the Use of Neutralization Strategies, Karl Aquino and Thomas E. Becker


Changing places in a small world: An American in Brussels, Thomas E. Becker


Development and Validation of a Situational Judgment Test of Employee Integrity, Thomas E. Becker

A Methodology for Developing an Integrated Supply Chain Management System, Yi Chen Lan and Bhuvan Unhelkar


Global Enterprise Transitions: Managing the Process, Yi-Chen Lan and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Challenges in Mobile Transformations: a Requirements Modeling Perspective for Small and Medium Enterprises, Ioakim Marmaridis and Bhuvan Unhelkar


The Role of a Collaborative Commerce Legal Framework in IT-Related Litigation, Mark Neely, Bhuvan Unhelkar, and San Unhelkar

Global Information Systems in the Publishing Domain: an Experience Report, Christopher Payne and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Global E-Business Alliances: the Socio-Cultural Perspective, Influence, and Mitigation, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Practical Object Oriented Analysis, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Practical Object Oriented Design, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Stop Playing Games! Transactional Analysis and IT Leadership, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Transitioning to a Mobile Enterprise: A Three-Dimensional Framework, Bhuvan Unhelkar


Verification and Validation for Quality of UML 2.0 Models, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Web Services and Their Impact in Creating a Paradigm Shift in the Process of Globalization, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Submissions from 2002


A Mostly Informal Analysis of Our Marketplace of Ideas, Thomas E. Becker

Submissions from 2000


Open Modeling with UML, Brian Henderson-Sellers and Bhuvan Unhelkar

Submissions from 1997

Developing a Financial Market Analysis Product: a Moses Case Study, Bhuvan Unhelkar

Submissions from 1996


Foci And Bases Of Employee Commitment: Implications For Job Performance, Thomas E. Becker, Robert S. Billings, Daniel M. Eveleth, and Nicole L. Gilbert

Submissions from 1989


A Field Study of the Relationship Between the Organizational Feedback Environment and Performance, Thomas E. Becker and Richard J. Klimoski