Binder 7: Hydrolab and St. Croix, 1978-1981

Binder 7: Hydrolab and St. Croix, 1978-1981

Binder #7 of the Dr. John C. Ogden Caribbean and Coral Reef Collection explores Hydrolab Mission 81-13 from November 19-26, 1981. Participants included Nancy Ogden, Clem Bowman, and Phil Lobel. Jack Randall and Ileana Clavijo did surface tracking. Projects included implanting acoustical transmitters in rainbow parrotfish (Scarus guacamia) captured at night in their sleeping caves and tracking them by day from a small boat with a receiver on the surface. Items include slides, typewritten Quick Look Report, individual diver’s logs, surface tracking reports, and a typescript draft of the popular article: Tracking the Buffaloes of the Coral Reef, 1978.

The Hydrolab’s mission was to study priority effects of juvenile reef fishes recruiting to concrete block reefs, as well as one page of slides of various underwater habitats and vehicles. This project was published: Shulman, M.J., J.C. Ogden, J.P. Ebersole, W.N. McFarland, S.L. Miller, and N.G. Wolf. 1983. Priority effects in the recruitment of juvenile coral reef fish. Ecology 64: 1508-1513.


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