Dancing Retro: Solution Structure and Micelle Interactions of The Retro-sh3-domain, Retro-shh-‘bergerac’

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Retro-protein, Protein folding, Protein Dynamics, High-resolution Nmr, Flexibility, Intrinsic Disorder, Pond

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A protein with the reversed direction of its polypeptide chain, retro-SHH, was analyzed by several spectroscopic techniques including circular dichroism and high-resolution NMR to understand its solution structure and structural consequences of interaction with the micelles formed by the zwitterionic detergent dodecylphosphocholine (DPC). This analysis revealed that retro-SHH does not contain rigid 3-D structure, but is characterized by the presence of residual secondary structure. Intriguingly, interaction with the DPC micelles affected the structures of SHH and retro-SHH very differently. In fact, micelles induce pronounced folding of retro-SHH, whereas micelle-bound SHH was noticeably disordered. Finally, we performed a disorder prediction with the PONDR-FIT algorithm and discovered that the reversal of the chain direction almost does not affect the propensity of a polypeptide for intrinsic disorder, since the disorder plot for retro-SHH was almost a mirror image of that for the normal SHH.

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Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, v. 32, issue 2, p. 257-272