Recent Developments in the Field of Intrinsically Disordered Proteins: Intrinsic Disorder–Based Emergence in Cellular Biology in Light of the Physiological and Pathological Liquid–Liquid Phase Transitions

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intrinsically disordered protein, intrinsically disordered protein region, liquid–liquid phase transition, liquid–liquid phase separation, proteinaceous membrane-less organelle

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This review deals with two important concepts—protein intrinsic disorder and proteinaceous membrane-less organelles (PMLOs). The past 20 years have seen an upsurge of scientific interest in these phenomena. However, neither are new discoveries made in this century, but instead are timely reincarnations of old ideas that were mostly ignored by the scientific community for a long time. Merging these concepts in the form of the intrinsic disorder–based biological liquid–liquid phase separation provides a basis for understanding the molecular mechanisms of PMLO biogenesis.

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Annual Reviews , v. 50, p. 135-156