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Baroenzymology, Cryoenzymology, Intrinsically Disordered Proteins, Macromolecular Crowding, Nanomaterials, Partially Folded Intermediate, Protein Engineering, Protein Flexibility, Protein Folding, Protein Structure

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Transitions between the unfolded and native states of the ordered globular proteins are accompanied by the accumulation of several intermediates, such as pre-molten globules, wet molten globules, and dry molten globules. Structurally equivalent conformations can serve as native functional states of intrinsically disordered proteins. This overview captures the characteristics and importance of these molten globules in both structured and intrinsically disordered proteins. It also discusses examples of engineered molten globules. The formation of these intermediates under conditions of macromolecular crowding and their interactions with nanomaterials are also reviewed.

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International Journal of Molecular Sciences, v. 24, issue 3, art. 2424