Predictors of Enrollees' Satisfaction with a County-Sponsored Indigent Health Care Plan

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patient satisfaction, health care, predictors

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This article summarizes the findings from a study examining the predictors of satisfaction among individuals enrolled in a county-sponsored indigent health care plan. Mail survey procedures were used to obtain information from enrollees regarding their satisfaction with the health care plan, as well as enrollees' demo-graphics, health care status, and trust in their providers. Results of a stepwise regression model developed using a random half of the respondents revealed enrollees' trust in health care providers was the strongest predictor of general satisfaction, followed by perception of change in health status, and age. The model explained 49% of the variance and demonstrated little shrinkage when cross-validated on the remaining half of the respondents. Trust in health care providers, followed by perception of change in health status also emerged as the strongest predictors of enrollees' satisfaction with freedom of choice.

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Evaluation & the Health Professions, v. 31, issue 1, p. 81-103