As the world is trying to curb CO2 emission, mainly from the industries, various organizations’ employees are crucial in mitigating carbon monoxide emissions. The employee reaction based on their perception of human resources management practices shapes their commitment to the workplace environment. According to relevant environment literature, emphasizing effective environmental management improves employees’ green attitudes dedicated to natural purposes. This study explores how to enhance hotels’ environmental performance (EP) by adopting green human resource management (HRM) practices. The current study developed and investigated a moderation model which examined the green process innovation (GPI) as a moderator onto the relationship between green HRM and environmental process through the lens of Ability-Motivation-Opportunity theory (AMO). SmartPLS software was used to analyze the data from 220 full-time employees of 3-, 4-, and 5-stars green hotels in Turkey. The findings demonstrate the importance of adopting green practices in advancing organizational performance, especially the environmental aspect. The novel findings of this study enrich the moderation effect of GPI in hospitality literature.


green HRM, GPI, EP, green hotels, AMO theory, Turkey



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