About This Journal

Journal Title: Journal of Global Hospitality and Tourism (JGHT)

Owner: University of South Florida M3 Center

Sponsor: University of South Florida Libraries

Publisher: University of South Florida (USF) M3 Publishing

Official Language: English

First Issue: 2020

Publication Frequency: Two issues per year (February / August)

Review Process: Double-blind peer review

Access Availability: Full open access

Publication Fees/Charges: No submission and publication fees or page charges

Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Faizan Ali, PhD, University of South Florida

Contact Information: Journal Editorial Office

  • E-mail: jght[at]m3center.org
  • Address: University of South Florida, 8350 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243,
  • Telephone: +1 (941) 359 4563
  • Fax: +1 (610) 500-5092